Thursday, June 25, 2015

Just kidding - London is land of colored hair and not wifi

So the hotel is nice but the wifi is out til 1 am. It's 1:15 but the wifi is "experiencing technical difficulties". Go figure. It is Europe. 

Today began with a breakfast at the Royal Hotel in Wales and the kids tried marmamite (similar to Vegemite). One girl in our group (Tenessee) said it was like "the devil on her tongue". 

We rode the bus to Stratford and saw Anne Hathaway cottage. It was really beautiful like a Hans Christian Anderson story line. It was also amazingly small to house so many people. We took a short walk to Shakespeare's birthplace and witnessed some on the spot acting and saw all the crazy rooms. They slept 3 to a bed which was about the size of a twin and had a pole to keep you from rolling out. They also believed in painting mean spirits on the walls to scare away evil the night. 

Then we hopped back on the bus to drive to London. It took awhile but we made it just in time for dinner. We took the Tube in and has a nice dinner just the 9 of us. Since lunch was provided today we got to choose dinner. All the girls really seemed to like this place and the best part was they chose it on their own. 

I am trying to install in them a sense of self advocacy. I keep reminding them to speak up and let me know what's going on. Tonight a few didn't ask for the bathroom until it was time to get on the tube and travel home. The other two groups had to wait 15 minutes for us to buy a coffee just to get access to the toilet. Crazy. I was in such a rush I left The coffee sitting on the counter in touched.

They are doing do great.  I plan to have them update a little more tomorrow. Let's hope for WiFi!!!!!!  


  1. Malena, hope you feel better today! Message me when you can to tell me how you're doing please :)

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