Saturday, June 27, 2015

London day 1

Today was BY FAR the busiest day we've had so far. we woke up in London, had breakfast including crumpets, toast, fruit, yogurt, and cereal. The hotel is more of a chain - it's called Premier Inn and had more modern amenities like great water pressure and a television!  Cat gave us or tube tickets and we walked to the tube only to find out we couldn't get on til 9:30. We spent around 30 minutes having coffee and exploring (aka seeking out WiFi in coffee shops). 
We then went into the city!  The tube was exciting for some and frightening for others. The group we have bonded with from Northern Virginia have been hanging with us and helping out. Since we cannot all fit on the tube during rush traffic we watch out for each other. Students have becoming great at reading signs and self directing. Cailley excels at this and has been navigating with me. 

We found a red phone booth and had some photo ops before a bus tour. 

Seeing London by bus was great because it helped get our bearings and saved our feet. 
The bus stopped at random places and we got photos, bathroom, drinks, and marveled at the mix of modern and antique arcitecture.
After the bus tour with Sean from Scotland we took some time to shop at topshop and relax on a rooftop with amazing views.
Lunch was at Pret a Manger and we had salad sandwiches and sushi. We saw the Magna Carta and had some to take pictures at Buckingham Palace. 

We met the group for dinner layer at an Asian restaurant. Dumplings and teriyaki chicken layer we tried mochi ice cream. 
Then it was on to The Globe for measure for measure!
More about that tomorrow. 
Time to leave the hotel so no more WiFi until later. We have a 5 am wake up call so I might not have time to blog tonight. 

Remember - no news is good news!!!

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