Monday, June 29, 2015

London day 2

Today was rough. Everyone is exhausted. Here we are at 9 am on the Tube in to London. 
Poor girls were tired. 
But we woke up as we visited the beautiful Westminister Abbey with Sean our guide. He has so much knowledge and he's really fun. 

I wish I had a history teacher half as engaging but I guess it's easy to discuss the reformation of the church while standing on the Graves of those who participated. 
Photography is strictly forbidden inside so you'll have to use your imagination. 
Getting the message about cell phone use before heading inside. 
Last pic before heading in. 

We visited Notting Hill's open air market and got our hard rock cafe tees before collapsing outside of Harrods and waiting for dinner. 
This stairwell in the center was climbed by everyone but Emma 
PS - this is only half of it. Did we know that?  Nope. 
We went on to dinner for fish and chips in the most posh area of London. 
Then on to our Jack the Ripper walking tour. 
One of his killings occurred right behind here. 

Know what else is spooky? 
These bags under my eyes!  Haha. 
So with that we are off to bed. Have to be up at 5:30 to catch the euro star train to Paris and on to Versailles. Leave comments. They love them! ❤️💷🚉🇦🇺

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